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August 2016
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If you hate getting stuck at red lights, then don't miss our first story.
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David Delgado
General Manager
- In this issue:
How to Hit More Green Lights
Does it ever seem that when you're running late, you hit every red light? It turns out that there is a simple secret to many traffic lights.
Florida Reviews Red-Light Camera Law
The Third District Court of Appeal took a look at the Red-Light camera issue and this is what they decided...
Good News for Drivers of Older Mercedes-Benz Vehicles
The Mercedes me Adapter and app lets you retrofit your vehicle so you can link your vehicle with your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to experience your vehicle in a totally new way.
Video Review of the 2017 C-Class Coupe
With its piercing headlamps, muscular shoulders and tautly arched roofline, the 2017 C-Class Coupe is an instant standout, even among the galaxy of cars that share the famed Silver Star.
Bernardo is Celebrating 20 Years with Us
For this month's profile, we are highlighting our Parts Advisor, Bernardo Mejia, who is celebrating his 20 year employment anniversary with us this month.
The Best Reason to Get Pulled Over
If you happen to be driving through Halifax, Virginia this summer, make sure you aren't violating vehicle code 1739. Otherwise...
S-Class Cabriolet and Palmaz Vineyards - A Perfect Pairing
Whether with wine or automobiles, true excellence emerges from...
The Secret Weapon for Keeping Sand Out of Your Car
It's no fun riding in a car that has gritty sand all over the place, and even less fun trying to get it vacuumed out. Here's an easy way to...