Plus Exclusive Coupons, Fun Tips and Videos to Help You Enjoy Your Vehicle More
July 2017
This month we have updates on easy ways to have your vehicle serviced and a helpful trick to keep your car cool in the summer.
David Delgado
General Manager
- In this issue:
Have You Tried Our OnSite Mobile Service?
We invite you to schedule your annual maintenance at your home or work location, at no additional charge.
A New Way to Avoid a Hot Seat
Have you ever climbed into your car after it has been baking in the sun? Ouch! The steering wheel and seat can really heat up. If you don't carry a sun screen in your car, we have a great alternative...
Try Our Mercedes-Benz Express Service
We understand you're busy which is why we strive to save you time by offering hassle-free vehicle maintenance through...
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet - A Tour Around Lake Garda
Mercedes-Benz presents the first episode of the #MBvideocar series. In this episode...
Baptist Health South Florida Employee Fund Partnership
“Having to call your mom and say, Mommy I have cancer, is about the worst thing that there is; except, even worse is...
Why Car Batteries Fail
The average life of a battery is four years. Here is a quick cheat sheet on what causes battery to die and signs your battery is getting ready to fail.
Mercedes AMG - 50 Years of Driving Performance
Half a century of driving performance - Mercedes-AMG is celebrating its...
Travel Expert Julia Dimon Helps Turn Weekend Getaways into Adventures
Here are five tips to remind you that true adventure is closer to home than we think.