CPO Could be the Way to Go

Sometimes, a lightly-used Mercedes-Benz model might be the best solution to achieve your goal of Mercedes-Benz ownership. There are so many benefits of getting behind the wheel of a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle!

They are:

- Unlimited mileage warranty
- Pre-paid maintenance
- Impressive financing options
- 24/7 personal assistance
- Nationwide dealer support
- Vehicle exchange privilege

Did you know?
To be a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz, a vehicle must meet stringent benchmarks, and pass extensive inspections by our highly-trained Mercedes-Benz specialists. A car must have less than 75,000 miles and be less than 6 years old. The inspection process to become a CPO then includes:

- General Inspection
- Engine Compartment and Pre-Road Test Checks
- Engine Component and System Condition Checks
- Electrical Systems and Function Test
- Chassis and Body Inspection
- Road Test and Post-Road Test
- Appearance Inspection

Come check out our remarkable inventory of CPO vehicles today! Please click below:

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