Are Keyless Ignitions Really That Great?

Keyless ignitions work by having the key fob inside the vehicle that sends out a signal so when you push the start button, the vehicle's engine starts. There's no key to put into the ignition.

I have to admit, when keyless vehicles were first introduced, I thought it was kind of goofy. Was pulling your key out of your pocket or purse to unlock the car door and start the vehicle such a big deal? It turns out it really is, here are three big benefits.

A time-saver
American spend about 2.5 days a year looking for misplaced items. If you've ever gone digging in the bottom of your purse, backpack or gym bag to find your keys, keyless entry is going to save you a good chunk of time. I am surprised at how much I have grown to love the effortless way my vehicle starts without requiring me to insert a key.

No more lockouts
You never have to worry again about locking your keys in the vehicle - a keyless vehicle won't lock if your keys are inside. (Another great time saver.)

Improved safety
Keyless entry makes it much faster to get into your vehicle, and that is a great safety feature if you're in a less than desirable area at night. Because the vehicle requires a transmission from the key fob, it also makes it harder to steal a vehicle without the key fob.

If you are driving an older model without keyless start, there are a whole host of new safety and entertainment features that you are going to love in addition to this push button start feature. Please give us a call at (855) 419-2217 to schedule a test drive, or to search our new inventory, please click here.

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